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How to choose a casual backpack?

Backpack is a very convenient and functional thing. There are many types of backpacks that differ in size, shape, materials, purpose, functional features, details, etc.

Among all types of backpacks the most common is an everyday backpack - its feature is that it does not have a specific purpose and at the same time can be used for many purposes. This is a backpack we use every day in a variety of situations - for work, for studying, for traveling and so on.

That's why there are special requirements for such a backpack. First of all, such a backpack should be functional. You never know in which situation you will have to use a backpack. It should have a well-organized structure: a spacious main section, secured section for laptop and tablet / documents, an inner pocket for valuables, inner pockets for small things, several outer pockets for easy placement and quick access to the most essential.

Secondly, such a backpack should be comfortable. Using the backpack, its pockets, zippers, etc. should be convenient, with minimal effort. At the same time a backpack should be comfortable when wearing - backrest and straps must be soft and with a ventilation 3D-mesh. The long-term use should not cause significant discomfort, significant sweating, numbness of the shoulders, back pain, etc.

Thirdly, the backpack should be of high quality. Although this point applies to all backpacks without exception. High quality is a complex term, in the case of a backpack, this means that it must be cleverly designed, made of good materials (strong waterproof fabric, reliable accessories, durable threads, etc.) and professionally tailored. Only in this case, you can be confident that things inside the backpack will remain undamaged in any situation, and the backpack itself will not tear up in the most unfortunate moment.

The most important points that worth paying attention to when choosing a really good backpack:

  1. Quality materials: the fabric is strong and enduring (and preferably water resistant), accessories are reliable from well-known manufacturers..
  2. Professionally tailored - there should not be any visible signs of bad tailoring, all lines should be even and homogeneous, no stitches and in general the tailoring should be very neatly.
  3. The middle of the backpack should be additionally treated with a lining. Everywhere and not only its parts. It not only adds to the aesthetics to the product, but also provides additional protection for things..
  4. Backrest and straps should be fairly soft and have an anatomical structure with special pads with a ventilation 3D-mesh, which provides additional softness and contributes to air circulation (as a result, a significant reduction in sweating in the places where the backpack contacts the body). 
  5. Relief backrest. Special soft pads should be on the backrest. This helps to minimize contact with the body, reduce sweating, make the wearing of backpack more comfortable.
  6. S-shaped straps. Such straps fit tight to the body and provide a uniform distribution of load, which contributes to increased comfort when wearing a backpack and reducing the tiredness of the shoulders.
  7. Solid backrest base. Too flexible backrest leads to fast tiredness of the back while a fixed backrest have an orthopedic effect.
  8. Protective layer in the sides and bottom. A special protective layer in the bottom and sides ensures the storage of things in case of impact or when the backpack is on the ground. This is especially important when traveling in public transport, when the presence of such protection allows you to put a backpack on the floor and do not worry for the things inside the backpack.
  9. Additional protection for section for laptops and tablets. There is no need to talk about the presence of such sections. It is clear that in the era of computers and other devices, the presence of such sections should be mandatory. But these sections should not simply be present, they should be securely protected.

Some may ask a question where in this list the words "stylish", "design", "modernity," etc.? They are not on this list. Not because they are not important, but because everyone has their own individual tastes and preferences. What is stylish for one is unlikely to be pleasant to others or be inappropriate at all. Appearance - this is an individual choice for everyone directly when buying a backpack and there's nothing to suggest or advise.

And to sum up, a small lyrical digression for those who believe that the famous "brand" or the high price tag of the backpack guarantees its high quality, reliability and functionality. If you really think so - just check your "brand" backpack for the above listed parameters and realize that far not always a high price indicates the really good quality of a backpack. In most cases, the well-known "brand" is, above all, a huge surcharge, for which there are almost no objective reasons.